Complete 21 workouts in 31 days…

Challenge yourself to 21 workouts of full body barre-based toning!

The March Madness Challenge by Taylor Made Barre is designed to take the fuss out of your at home workout schedule. You’ll receive 2 emails with a daily game plan of workouts for you to complete for a well-rounded March workout calendar.

No more scrolling through videos and trying to choose which one to do today.

No more guesswork into creating a well-balanced at-home barre workout program.

You’ll get:

  • Access to the Taylor Made Barre Video on Demand Library for 1 month
  • A workout plan with suggested workouts to do to knock out the 21 workouts in the challenge
  • LIVE weekly Wine Bar(re) session via Zoom on Wednesdays at 18:00

You commit to completing 21 workouts of varying lengths (15 to 50 minutes) during March! I commit to filming fun, challenging, and effective barre workouts you can do in your living room!

And yes – Deuce dog will also be making guest appearances throughout the month 😉 See Day 1 for reference of the cuteness!

21 Workouts!

On Monday, March 1, I’m challenging participants to knock out this 15 minute Total Body Toner, which I’ve also made accessible for free on my Youtube Channel so y’all can get a sneak peak of the vibes for the challenge and have some fun with me and Deuce dog hanging out in the garden…

On Tuesday, March 2, I’m challenging participants to complete this 45 minute Happy Hour Barre class, another total body workout, a bit longer in duration than Day 1 and the perfect preparation for Wine Bar(re) on Day 3.

Day 3 is Wednesday, March 3 and the challenge every Wednesday in March is to join me for 40 minutes of Wine Bar(re) Wednesday via Zoom at 18:00! Not available on Wednesday’s at this time? Not to worry – I’ll be sending a recording link of the email afterwards so you can complete it any time!

Thursday, March 4 is a rest day or do another workout day or catch up on a workout you missed day! Friday’s challenge is a 45 minute Barre Booty and Saturday is 15 minutes of body-weight arms + core.

Friday’s challenge, or workout #4 is a 45 minute Barre Booty and Saturday (workout #5) is 15 minutes of body-weight arms + core.

Monday, March 8 (or workout #6) is 45 minutes of Core Barre… you’ll need a chair or table for support and a yoga mat for this one.

And Tuesday, March 9 (or workout #7) is 45 minutes of Barre Booty with a resistance band… burn, baby, burn! You’ll need a mini loop band for this burning and sculpting.

Workout #8 will be live via Zoom this Wednesday at 18:00 for Wine Bar(re) Wednesday! If you miss it, I’ll send the recording link out afterwards so you can knock it out another time!

Again on Thursday, take a rest or catch up on a video you missed!

Workout #9 is a 30 minute “Death by Sliders”… if you don’t have sliders at home, two dish towels or super soft socks make great substitutes!

Workout #10 is a 20 minute Core Barre which I filmed in the studio at Equal… there’s a big emphasis on side planking and side plank options by special request 😉 hope you guys like it! Grab 2 dumbbells for this one.

I would suggest knocking out Workouts 9 & 10 when it is convenient for you this upcoming weekend… and if you’ve got spare time, feel free to go for Workout #11, a 45 minute Barre Booty with a resistance band sequence, the link is already active for you here!

And Workout #12 is already online as well – a 20 minute Upper Body Intensive with a mini-loop resistance band and weights.

Try to get through workout #12 by next Wednesday, March 17 when we’ll do workout #13 live via Zoom for Wine Bar(re) Wednesday and be a bit more than halfway through the March Madness Challenge already!

“There are a lot of great online workouts out there, and Taylor’s are my favourites. She brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the workouts. The sessions give you multiple options for how hard (or easy!) you want to take it, with absolute body positivity. I leave the session feeling energized, strong, and challenged. Taylor clearly loves what she does, and her positivity is infectious. And my cat loves watching the classes, too”

Kiki Hohnen

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